We received some excellent news today! When Bronson was first diagnosed with neuroblastoma his cancer markers were around 240 and, as of last week, his markers are now in the mid 20’s. We were told that, for the average person, these markers should be in the high teens to low 20’s. So today I wanted to make sure I understood the numbers properly because, to me, I would assume that since his markers are in the mid 20’s the majority of his cancer is gone. The oncologist told me that the tumors are still there but they are a lot smaller and the majority of them are dead tissue and will continue to shrink and dissolve as time goes on. So, yes, the cancer is mostly gone! In babies this kind of cancer can spontaneously disappear with no further implications, as far as cancer goes, in the future. So, in terms of cancer, Bronson is doing great!!!

However, the oncologist also said that, although the cancer is gone, the side effects and damage done by the cancer are still present. Which, we are aware of because of all the problems and concerns we continue to have with his liver. We really really really need this liver function to get a jump on things and start working. Once his liver is up and running then the jaundice/bilirubin levels should go back to normal, his lack of blood clotting should clear up, and the fluid in his abdomen should also go away.

Bronson was very comfortable and didn’t appear to be in any pain today. He’s been on the lowest amount of oxygen I think he’s been on since he was only a couple of days old. His stomach measurement that was up to to 42 cm yesterday was down to 36 cm today! I was told that since he is doing better and isn’t experiencing pain as he was earlier in the week, they are going to try to SLOWLY wean him off of the morphine and sedatives over the next week or so. At the beginning of last week he was almost off of them completely but, when he started to get worse they had to be put up to higher doses than what he was on originally.

So, all in all it was a very good day…. we just need this darn liver to start improving!!!!!

4 thoughts on “Woohoo!

  1. Cindy says:

    Shouting with you for joy. Will continue to pray that Bronson's liver will start working so you can take your sweet baby home.


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