Short update

Another day and still no changes to Bronson’s liver. His liver blood work was about the same today…still not worse and still not better. He was transferred from a normal GI team to the GI transplant team in case a liver transplant is needed. As of Thursday I was told that the GI team was “optimistic” that his liver would start improving and then today he was switched to the GI transplant – so I’m a little confused if they’re still “optimistic” or if they’re now seriously considering doing a transplant. I left the hospital just before all the doctors and their teams did their rounds so hopefully tomorrow I’ll have some answers about that.

On the bright side I got to hold Bronson for almost 3 hours straight today! He was awake and looking around for almost the entire time too! He’s such a little cutie and is looking so much better! Today I noticed that he has some stubble growing on top of his head – woohoo his hair is growing back slowly! 🙂

I just hope tomorrow I can get some answers!

One thought on “Short update

  1. Lauren Farina says:

    It'd be nice if the doctors would be more transparent. It must be so frustrating not knowing everything they are thinking about Bronson! Hopefully tomorrow will bring some answers.


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