Transplant day is official!

Liver transplant day is officially tomorrow!! 100% set in stone…well as long as a trauma doesn’t come in tomorrow morning at Toronto General or Sick Kids. 

The plan for the day:

6am – Sarah Beth (SB for short) at hospital and after getting prepped surgery will start. 

8-11am – somewhere in this time frame the surgeon will give the “ok” that SB’s liver is good and the surgeons at SK will start getting Bronson ready and then start opening him up. 

12-3pm – depending on how fast or slow the surgeons go SB’s liver piece will be brought over to Sick Kids OR and put it in Bronson. 

4ish pm – SB will be in the recovery room starting to wake up. 

6pm  – SB will be moved out of recovery and up to a floor. 

6pm – 10pm – Bronson’s surgery will be over somewhere in this timeframe and then will be moved into the PICU (paediatric ICU). 

It’s going to be a VERY long day… SB’s surgery is about 4-6 hrs and Bronson’s is 6-12 hours long. So please keep both of them in your prayers throughout the day tomorrow. I will start a post tomorrow and keep adding to it as we are told updates. 

2 thoughts on “Transplant day is official!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Praying for Sarah Beth, Bronson & the Drs & all the other medical staff involved in the whole day. Also for the 2 of you as you wait for updates throughout the day.

    Helen in Australia


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