Great Liver, More seizures, and a Crappy Memory Card

Bronson has been breathing on his own without any extra oxygen since Sunday morning! Well, actually, there’s been once or twice where he’s gotten himself quite worked up and needed some O2 with nasal prongs but within an hour or less he was back to breathing room air. 

Bronson was going to be moved out of the ICU today but, he’s had two more seizures throughout the day and they want to observe him in the ICU a little longer. At first I was told it could be the meds he’s on but I learned today they’ve been ruled out because his blood levels were fine. A neurological dr came by to examine him today and had a head ultrasound, CT scan and EEG ordered to be done… Hopefully we’ll be able to get results from those tomorrow afternoon. The dr also had Bronson started on an anti-seizure med because he’s now had 4 seizures since Friday night. 

Bronson’s colour is amazing… It just keeps getting better everyday! His abdomen is looker better and his incision is healing quite nicely! All we need now are for these seizures to get sorted out.

I know I said I would post more recent pictures buy my camera decided to short out yesterday and my memory card now says card error and all my pictures are gone! I frantically took it to Future Shop and the guy told me my card was definitely fried and my pictures gone for good. But, tomorrow I’m going to try taking it to Black’s and see if they can do anything. I’m SO determined to get it to work because I haven’t downloaded any pics to my computer since Bronson was 7 weeks old! I’m so mad that I lost the last 5 weeks of pictures! All the before and after pictures of his liver transplant are gone. I really really really hope Black’s can do SOMETHING tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Great Liver, More seizures, and a Crappy Memory Card

  1. Jennifer Wiseman says:

    Hey, if God can make a perfect liver 22 years ago, He can certainly fix a memory card!

    Bronson's colour is awesome! Still continuing to pray for the little champ!!


  2. Anonymous says:

    That happened to my memory card and I took it to Henry's camera store and they were able to retrieve all my pictures. It's worth a try. I hope you get your pictures back!


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