Time Flies…4 Months Old Already!

It’s such a blessing, and a miracle, to have Bronson home. Each and every day I feel so blessed to be the one who was given the task to be his Mom. I love watching him smile and start to laugh. I love watching my daughter, Kallie, talk with Bronson and pat his bum gently and say “shh shh shh” when he’s crying. I love the little grunts he makes for no apparent reason (although they can be annoying hearing them through the baby monitor constantly in the middle of the night!). I love how the tv can calm him down (typical male). I love how sometimes he just wants his Mommy and no one else seems to have “the touch”. I love watching him laugh and smile at Kallie. I guess I just love my family!

Bronson is doing GREAT! I was at Sick Kids with him this past Monday for a check up and his blood work was wonderful. His incision looks amazing and, I think in a year or two it will hardly be noticeable! He’s been eating like crazy and has started to gain quite a bit of weight and is up to 10.5 lbs. I know that doesn’t sound like a good weight for a 4 month old, but he was VERY under weight because of how sick he was and is now finally starting to pack on the pounds! Β He’s getting better at holding his head up by himself… still a little bit wobbly but he’ll get there! A couple of times in the past week I’ve even seen Bronson roll over all by himself!! Β He’s being seen by a physiotherapist because of how much his health issues put him behind, but as I said before, he is making progress and he’ll be up to where he should be in no time!

Next week Bronson goes for an ultrasound and then a check up at the Oncology clinic. Even though a month ago the scan showed that there was no trace of cancer in his body I still get a little nervous before he has these check ups. But, I’m sure everything will still be cancer free!

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