Bronson’s 1st Time Away

Last week we were able to get away for 2 days to visit Jon’s parents. It was Bronson’s first time overnight anywhere and he had a great time (at least I think he did!). I think Bronson took more luggage than I did! All of his IV supplies (I run an IV med through his PICC line everyday), extra NG supplies, medications and the “normal” baby necessities (bouncy seat, stroller, playpen etc) ended up taking up more room than what I thought they would but thank goodness for  our van! Oh, and we also took our 2 dogs with us (golden doodle and a bich-poo)!

Here are a few pictures from our short time away!

Jon, Kallie, Dupree (golden doodle) and Georgia (bich-poo) on the dock 

Bronson relaxing in his stroller.

Mmmm… Corn on the cob!
 An apple…. and a cookie… this girl loves to eat!!
I didn’t bring warm enough clothes (or a hat) for any of us because I didn’t think that the weather was going to cool down soo much! I ended up wrapping a blanket around Bronson’s head to keep him warm!
 Ready for a bonfire!
 The bonfire tuckered him out!
 Bronson and Daddy’s Ninja Turtle from when he was little.
There were a lot more pictures from our time away but none of them turned out very well because I had my camera on the wrong pixel size and all of them are sooo fuzzy! 😦 It was my own fault for playing with the camera settings… I’m never changing my settings again!
Here are a few pictures from Kallie and Bronson hanging out this morning in Kallie’s crib:

 Kallie has a kissing Elmo that makes a kissing sound when you put his hand up to his mouth, so she thinks that Bronson is like her Elmo and forces his hand to his mouth to blow kisses! She then makes the “mmmuuuaahh” Kissing sound when she gets Bronson’s hand to his lips! It’s so cute to watch!

Starting to move his hand to blow a kiss…
Trying to get his hand to his lips….
Missed his lips… but she still made the “mmmuuaahh” sound!

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