Apple Picking!

This past weekend we went apple picking at a local orchard and the weather couldn’t have been any nicer! I’m kind of hoping the warm summer-like weather stays well into October and the cold Canadian winter doesn’t come until mid December! But, who am I kidding? We live in Ontario, Canada and I’m pretty sure (but very sad) that we’ll be getting cold weather in no time. Booo cold weather! 
 Kallie had fun picking stealing apples that were already picked! I also caught her throwing rotton apples that had been on the ground into the bag! I’m pretty sure I got rid of all the bad ones before we left though!

 Whenever I post pictures I feel like any pictures of Bronson are of him in his stroller. So I was determined to get some of him out of it!
Looking around at everyone! His neck muscles are slowly getting stronger and stronger and he’s able to lift his head for longer periods every day! I should mention that the gorgeous blanket he’s laying on was made for him by my cousin! I love it!
 Not a care in the world! Although, shortly after I took this picture the boys (my husband and brother in law) started chucking apples at each other so I had to move Bronson to safety! 
 Kallie loved all the pumpkins… or “umpins” as she was calling them!
 I love my kids! 🙂
 There was a market at the orchard and it was a pretty busy place! As I looked behind me I saw that Kallie had decided to sit down in the middle of a walkway to eat her snack and talk to the pig and frog decorations in front of her! 
I TOTALLY forgot to take Bronson’s 4 months pictures! So, these are more like 4.5 months but at least I remembered to take them! He pulled his NG tube out during his nap this morning and since it’s only used first thing each morning for medications, I decided to leave it out until tomorrow morning! I love looking at this little guy without any tubes or tape on his face! I really don’t want to have to put it back in tomorrow morning but, he needs his medications. Oh, if you’re wondering why his cheek is red, the tape that was holding his NG tube in place left a little bit of a mark 😦
 My cutie pie! 

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