Late post for 5 Months Old – Notice NO NG TUBE!

I can’t believe that Bronson is already 5 months old! Well, technically he was 5 months old on October 9, 2011 but I forgot to take his pictures right on the date. So here’s his 5 month update!

Bronson, 5 months old, sitting in his bumbo. Side note – If you have a girl first don’t buy all pink/purple things because when you’re second child is a boy he is stuck in a purple bumbo! (notice the blanket hiding the bumbo!)

At 5 months old he can:

  • Roll from his back onto his stomach (only from his right side so far)
  • Roll from his stomach onto his back (again, only from his right side… we’re working on the left side)
  • He’s starting to work on sitting up – he’s very wobbily still because of his lack of abdominal muscles from surgery but he’s getting better every day.
  • Lay on his stomach and hold his head up and look around
  • Making a lot of noise with his cooing (with all that time in the hospital I think he has lots of stories to tell!)
  • For the most part he is happy and smiling all the time
  • wearing size 2 Pampers
  • Weighs 11 lbs 8 oz
  • I’ve given him rice cereal twice so far and he’s not a fan of it yet. 
Last week we had a VERY exciting thing happen – Bronson’s NG tube came out for good! For a couple of weeks Bronson had begun pulling his NG tube out every night regardless of how much tape I used to secure it. Every morning I had to put the tube back in. I was starting to try some medications by mouth with a syringe but that wasn’t going very well because he didn’t seem to like the meds just being squirted into his mouth. 
Well, last Wednesday he had a lot of congestion from a cold and I felt so bad having to put his tube back in because I felt like it would have made his breathing that much more worse. I decided against putting the tube back in and mixed all of his meds with a little bit of his milk. Then I put the mixture in a nipple from a bottle and he drank it! He didn’t even hesitate with the taste difference (most of his meds are crushed pills which probably don’t taste too great)! It’s now been 7 days without an NG tube and he’s had no problems with his meds! You have no idea how excited this has made me! 
I had to add this picture because his expression as he’s falling over is hilarious!
In the last two weeks Bronson’s daily IV med and 3 daily oral meds all stopped and now his NG tube is gone. It used to take me at least 2.5 hours each morning to have myself and both kids ready for the day and now I can be out the door in an hour and twenty minutes! It’s amazing how much easier my mornings are with only having to give four meds and four meds only!
This coming Monday I’m at Sick Kids for a clinic check up with Bronson and I’m kind of hoping his PICC line will be coming out soon. I know I mentioned before that I wanted the PICC to stay as long as possible because it made blood work easier, but he hasn’t needed any extra blood work in 3 weeks. I’m so ready to say goodbye to the PICC line. 

4 thoughts on “Late post for 5 Months Old – Notice NO NG TUBE!

  1. Anonymous says:

    God is so Good! I LOVE seeing pictures of Bronson and can't believe how much he has become a part of my life. I have a little Boy born 10 days before Bronson and every time I would look into my boys eyes, I found myself praying for Bronson that he would be as healthy as my guy. Now look at him, healthy and always smiling! Your story and faith throughout this whole journey has definitely strengthened my faith and caused me to evaluate how my relationship with Gid would hold up in the same situation.

    Thank you for sharing!


  2. Anonymous says:

    i found your blog today because of baby babcock. your blog is wonderful and is very inspiring to be positive through everything. you have such a beautiful family and im thrilled to see that baby bronson is healthy! Thank you for reminding me to stay positive through all hardtimes.


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