My Bar Project: Before and After

A long time ago (ok, maybe not THAT long ago) around the beginning of October I wrote about the bar I painted and how I was going to post pictures soon. I’m still not 100% done painting it yet (only the bottom trim left) but because I used an oil based paint it has a very STRONG smell and since it’s in my daycare playroom I don’t really want to paint it during the week and have all the kids high from smelling chemicals. I don’t think their parents would appreciate that!

First, I used a sander to sand the entire bar. There was a VERY thick coat of gloss on it and it took forever to sand. Then, I used Rust-Oleum Specialty Black Chalk Board paint that I bought at Home Depot and painted the entire front and side of the bar with it. For the top (and eventually the bottom trim when I get around to it) of the bar I used Trem-Clad Rust Paint Semi-gloss black. I wanted a good durable paint for the top and this one was recommended to me by the paint department associate.

I love it because I can wipe it all clean and it just looks like a normal black bar, or I can let the kids draw away on it. They really aren’t the greatest pictures (blame the iphone 3G) and I don’t have any pictures without chalk, but here they are regardless!

After it was sanded, but before paint!

Once the bottom trim piece is painted black it will look much better!

2 thoughts on “My Bar Project: Before and After

  1. Anonymous says:

    I really don't know where you find the time for everything in your day! You're an inspiration and I'm slightly jealous of your energy. Lol


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