Everyone was excited about putting up the tree!

 My Grinch Stockings. Bronson almost fit!

 Daddy and Kallie playing under the tree and looking at the ornaments.
It’s CHRISTMAS! Please note that the pink wall colour is (hopefully) changing to a grey this weekend as mentioned here 

 Kallie’s been taking things out of my recycling and walking around the house with them. These two jugs seemed to be a favourite until mean mommy put them out in the garage!
 Kallie wouldn’t take off her other shoe and was walking around like this for 30 minutes. Usually I don’t allow shoes on in the house but I was so busy trying to get stuff done and she was quiet playing, so why mess up a good thing?
 Sibling Love. 


 Flowers my hubby brought home for me “just because”!
 My Dad, aka Papa, and my brother Taylor watching JibJab ecards with the kiddies. As soon as a tv or computer screen is within view of Bronson he’s glued to it! 
 My aunt gave me these tiny little pasta things that Kallie loves eating for a fast lunch. I usually mix them with butter or a red sauce and she eats them in no time.
 I thought it was a great lunch idea until I pulled her out of the high chair and this fell out of the creases in her jeans.
Mmm.. soother!
For InstaFriday’s I’ve linked up with Life rearranged.

life rearranged

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