Two Peas in a….Toy Box?

Now that Bronson is starting to get older I love watching him and Kallie play together. When Bronson was sick I prayed that he would one day be healthy and be able to play with his sister, and now here we are!
Last night all four of us were in Kallie’s room playing before the two kiddies went to bed. Kallie emptied out her toy box, climbed in, and pointed to the spot beside her and said “baby sit, baby sit” (although when she says sit it usually has an “h” in it!). So, I placed Bronson beside her and they looked so cute together and just kept taking pictures!
Sorry the lighting isn’t the greatest in the pictures. There aren’t any ceiling lights in any of the bedrooms in our home, only lamps (but there are brand new light fixtures in my crawl space waiting to be installed in the bedroms) so the rooms are always dark at night.
This one is my favourite!

Both of them were trying to get away!
They both love Elmo. There are probably at least 6 other Elmo dolls under them in that toy box!

Kallie was trying to sit on poor Bronson. I don’t know how many times I have left a room for one second and I when I come back I find Kallie sitting on Bronson’s stomach. I keep telling her that we don’t sit on people, but apparently she hasn’t learned that lesson yet! I think I’m afraid of her doing something to his brand new liver more so than anything else!
 And, look at Bronson’s face, he’s had enough!!

Don’t worry, Bronson is NOT in the box! As soon as she laid down on it she pointed beside her and said “baby, baby”. I love that she always wants Bronson to play with her.   
Can you find my dog in this picture? Go to the next one if you can’t see him.
There’s Dupree, all curled up and camouflaged!

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