It’s Friday again and as usual I’m linking up with Life Rearranged and sharing our week through Instagram photos.
This week I decided that it was time to get back into exercising again. As soon as I laid down to do some sit ups my dog, Dupree, came and laid next to me and put his head on my stomach. I laughed so hard that I didn’t end up doing any sit ups!
Kallie helped me stretch before exercising!
I really love watching Kallie and Bronson play together! Bronson always wants to touch her and pull her hair and Kallie isn’t too impressed when he does that!
Kallie never wants to keep her socks and shoes on when we’re out shopping. It’s either let her go barefoot in the cart and have a peaceful shopping trip or try and put her shoes on and have to leave the store because of a tantrum. I prefer to enjoy my shopping in peace!

Have you ever tried butter and pepper on your popcorn? My brother got me hooked on it and I love it!

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5 thoughts on “InstaFriday!

  1. Tammy says:

    Pepper & Butter popcorn you say? I just might have to try that!

    My youngest is always taking her shoes off, no matter where we are. Oh well, it is what it is!


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