Razors, Makeup, and Kallie.

The other day while I was taking Bronson’s 8 Month old pictures I noticed that Kallie had been missing for a few minutes. I ended up finding her in the bathroom. 
With my Makeup. 
With Jon’s razor.
“See Mama” is what she said to me when I walked in the bathroom. Don’t worry, Jon’s razor wasn’t plugged in and it no longer holds a charge! (thank goodness!) Also, notice the toilet paper half off the roll.
Note to self – Move makeup to a permanent hiding place UP HIGH. Placing it under the counter is no longer a good idea.

I thought it was funny to watch and see what she was doing with everything so for a few minutes I sat there quietly and took some pictures and then told her no! I know, I’m mean.
Sometimes while I’m doing my makeup in the mornings I give Kallie my blush brush and the lid to my bronzer to play with. Apparently, this was not a good idea because she now knows what containers hold the “good” stuff.

Yup, that’s eyeliner in her mouth. 

She had to do everything her Mama does…even using the eye lash curler!
She didn’t get this from me! That’s Jon’s department!
From now on, my makeup is staying up high! 

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