Crafty Tuesday’s

I’ve decided that I’m going to start a post every Tuesday called “Crafty Tuesday’s”. I’m sure there are other blogs who might do the same kind of idea, but I thought of the idea last night as a way to share the crafts I do with my daycare kids. 
 Last week I did a fun finger painting project with the kiddies and everyone loved it! I found the idea on pinterest but the picture didn’t have a link so I’m not too sure who the credit goes to. I love pinterest! 🙂
All you need is:
Paper – I used white 12×12 scrap booking paper because it’s a little bit thicker to absorb blobs of paint
Painter’s Tape
Paint – I’m not very adventurous so I use washable paint!
Something to pour the paint onto such as styrofoam plates
Use the painter’s tape to spell out the child’s name. I had some problems trying to get some of the kids names to fit on the paper and used a mix of lowercase and capital letters. You could always do the name diagonally on the paper to make it fit or just the child’s initials. When you’re done you’ll want to go over the tape and make sure it’s really sticking or else it might come off while the child’s painting.

Pour the paint onto a styrofoam plate and you’re ready to start!

Remove the painter’s tape while the paint is still wet. If you remove it when it’s dry then it might stick and pull off some of the paint.

The finished art projects! I love how they turned out! 🙂

Easy. Messy. Fun.

3 thoughts on “Crafty Tuesday’s

  1. Angela @ The Anthony's says:

    I originally found the idea on pinterest and just added that to the post 🙂
    We just used our fingers but sponges or paint brushes would work.. as long as you cover the area around the tape it will look good!
    Happy crafting!


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