InstaFriday – Feb. 10/12

Yesterday Bronson had an appointment at Sick Kids (check back Saturday for that update) and  I decided to be brave and bring Kallie along with us. Yes, that’s right, me and two kids under the age of two (for 2 more weeks anyways) on the Go Train. Talk about being adventurous! 
It was Kallie’s first time on a train and she loved it! She smiled and smiled. I loved watching her get so excited! 
On appointment days I always walk back and forth between Union Station and Sick Kids. Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous and I had to stop and take a picture. 
Every time I pull out my iphone or camera to take a picture Kallie yells, “CHEESE”. 
These pictures are two of my favourites. Her facial expressions are priceless. 
Last weekend my sister was watching Bronson and she said that at one point he woke up screaming. She found him with his soother in his mouth and his thumb stuck in the hole in the middle (we use these soothers if you don’t know what I mean by the hole in the middle). I’d never seen him stick his thumb into the soother before.. until yesterday! I guess it’s the best of both worlds: sucking his thumb and soother simultaneously. 
I HATE Barney. 
Barney isn’t allowed in my house or on our tv but, at Bronson’s appointment someone gave Kallie a Barney and she’s fallen in love. Ugh. 
He sings. He dances. He’s annoying. But, she loves him. 
But, I have to say that it is cute watching her do the hokey pokey alongside him. 
As always, I’ve linked up with Jeannett today.
P.S – I’ve been thinking about my blog and I’ve decided that I’m going to change my Blog name in order to match my domain name. Then everything matches and it’s easier to remember. 
So, at some point over the weekend my blog name will be changing from ‘The Anthony’s’ to ‘The Anthony Crew’. My domain name will be the same and you’ll still be able to find me at 
It’s not a big change but I want to keep you in the loop. 🙂

life rearranged

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