This week most of my pictures were of Bronson! I didn’t even remember to take pictures of any crafts or activities we did. Oops! 
This week Bronson started pulling himself up onto his knees (from laying on his belly) to play with toys. At 9.5 months he still can’t even go from laying down to a sitting position so this was a big deal for him! His abdominal muscles aren’t up to what they should be because of his transplant surgery but he’s catching up pretty fast! 
After I was sooo excited to see him pull himself up onto his knees he surprised me even more by pulling himself up to a full standing position!!!
Go Bronson!
Peek a Boo, I see You!
I had to add in at last one picture of Kallie! My Aunt passed these giant feet on to us from her kids and let me tell you, they’re a huge hit! 
How was your week?
Have a wonderful weekend!
life rearranged

4 thoughts on “InstaFriday

  1. Tara @ says:

    Sitting here teary eyed after reading Bronson's story. One of my childhood friends little girl had leukemia so this story touched close to home for me. I am so happy to hear he is a healty, amazing little boy. No mom should have to see their child suffer- EVER.


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