Sticky Note To Do List

I like sticky notes but I tend to write too many and then I lose track of them. I originally saw this idea HERE and decided to make my own version. 
All you need is:
Card Stock
3 Packs of Sticky Notes (I found these adorable sticky notes at Dollarama)
Place your sticky notes and trace around them.
I also cut out a cute bird design to add to the top. 
 I drew free hand borders around each spot for the sticky notes and then added titles.
The blog where I saw this had hers set up as a rotating goal list but I wanted to be able to tear of a sticky note and have another one ready to go. I halfed each stack of sticky notes to end up with 6 and then hot glued the back of each stack to my To Do List Paper.
The first time I glued them I simply put an “X” of glue on the back of each stack and by the next morning they had fallen off. I would suggest placing the glue at the top where the sticky portion is. 
Stick it on your fridge with magnets and you’re done! 
Easy. Peasey. 

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