DIY Chalkboard Plate

I was really busy last week so today’s craft is one that I did over a year ago and then gave as a Christmas present to my parents.
 It’s such an easy craft and also makes a great present. I haven’t got around to making one for myself but I really need to!
All you need is:
Dinner or Serving Plate in any shape (circle, oval, square)
Sand Paper
Painter’s Tape
Chalkboard paint
Paint brush
Picture Frame Stand
What to Do:
1. Use sandpaper to scuff up the area where you’ll be applying the chalkboard paint.
2. With a dry cloth wipe off any dust that the sand paper might have left behind.
3. Apply the painter’s tape to frame the area where you want the chalkboard to be. 
(Make sure the edges and corners are stuck down really well or the paint might leak under it)

4. With a paint brush apply a smooth layer of the chalkboard paint.
A second layer of paint might be needed. (mine did!)
5. Remove the painter’s tape before the paint is 100% dry (this stopped my paint from peeling up with the tape) and then let the paint dry according to the manufacture recommendations. 
 The directions on the chalkboard paint that I used said to wait at least 48 hours before writing on it with chalk but other manufactures may be different.
6. Place your new chalkboard in the picture frame stand and you’re DONE! 

I hope that everyone is having a great week with all of the gorgeous weather we’ve been having! 🙂

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