Embrace the Camera: March 28, 2012

I love coming across new blogs! 
A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon one called The Anderson Crew.
First of all, I liked it right off the bat because of our similar blog names and secondly, I love how Emily writes because it’s real.
Every Thursday she has a link up called Embrace the Camera and the point of it is to get yourself in a picture. I have so many pictures of my kids but very few of my kids and me. 
Genius idea!
Do you know how hard it is to get 2 kids, 1 adult and 1 dog to all look at the camera at the same time??
My dog was the only one looking at the camera in every picture! Go figure.

3 out of 4 looking at the camera… not too bad.
Even though 3 of us are looking at the camera I don’t think that Bronson and I should count!
And, this was the best picture I got! 
Ha Bronson is all smiles2 and Kallie is about to freak out. 
Ok, I just had  to add this to the post. 
This post doesn’t have a lot of text but it literally took me 15 minutes to write. 
I thought that my computer was about to crash because my screen contrast kept going black and my curser kept tabbing to different icons.  
Then I burst out laughing.
 I saw Kallie standing on the other side of the room playing with a wireless keyboard that must have connected to my laptop! 
Needless to say, my computer is fine and it’s not going crazy!

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