Easter Crafts

I can’t believe that Easter is already here! 
I’m 90% sure that I’m ready for the weekend. This year I decided not to go crazy on chocolate, mostly because I’d be the one eating all of the chocolate! I still bought them some hershey kisses and a hollow chocolate egg and then some Disney books (did you know that Dollarama sells Disney kids books??).
I like the idea of books with chocolate and I just might continue with that theme in the future! 
This week I’ve been busy doing Easter projects by myself and with the kids. 
Here’s just a little bit of what we’ve been up to!
I saw this idea on Pinterest (originally done here) and I just had to make them! Chocolate bar iPods with hershey kiss ear buds. I ran out of black ink so my ipods have red writing but I think they’re still pretty cute!
The daycare kids and I made Vases with Perrier bottles, tissue paper, and modge podge. I picked easter coloured tissue paper and I love the final product! 
I couldn’t send the kids home with empty vases so we made Handprint Lilies to go inside of them. 
Easter isn’t Easter without dying easter eggs! These are a few of the eggs that Kallie and I made. She had so much fun dipping the eggs in the dye and then sponge painting them!

Of course, we needed some cupcakes! I didn’t have a lot of icing sugar so I started to run out of icing! But, they were still delicious! 
I’m looking forward to a wonderful Easter weekend spent with family and friends!
What are your plans for Easter? 

One thought on “Easter Crafts

  1. Madame French Teacher says:

    I love, love, love the tissue paper bottles. I was looking for a Mother's day craft for a group of 7-8 year old. I may do the same with votives, but the hand lilies are super adorable! Thanks for sharing this idea.


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