A Hospital Admission

Liver transplant kids can have a lot of complications and a lot of hospital stays. We’ve very been lucky that Bronson made it one year, one month, and 5 days without any complications or hospital admissions. However, our record ended today.

Bronson is always sick because of his immunosuppression meds used for his liver transplant. In the last year the longest he’s gone without a cold is probably only 3-4 weeks. So, two weekends ago when he started getting sick with a cold I didn’t think anything of it.

A week ago he started a fever that’s been ongoing along with no appetite, and has been sleeping 12 plus hours at night with 3-5hrs of naps through the day. We took him to the local ER earlier in the week and the bloodwork and X-ray they did came back fine and they sent us home. The next day i spoke with our transplant nurse practitioner and she thought it was a good idea to come to Sick Kids and have blood work done.

I had a feeling that he might be admitted so I packed a bag for Bronson and I. And, sure enough, they admitted him. I’m really hoping it’s just a one night admission. The test results from all the tests aren’t back yet and probably won’t be until tomorrow. They started him on antibiotics to get a head start on things.

I’ll post an update tomorrow to let you know how he’s doing.

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