Still in the Hospital

Bronson has been doing pretty good. They think it may just be something viral but with a prolonged fever and being very fatigued they wanted to run tests and monitor him to rule out any other causes. He hasn’t had a fever since yesterday so that’s great!

He was up most of the night (as was I) thanks to all of the distractions of IV lines getting tangled, an IV machine with lots of buttons that are begging to be pressed, and a crib hood that is great for knocking on and making noise!

Due to his fever and cold he was put on droplet precautions so anyone coming in has to be wearing a gown, mask, and gloves. He’s not allowed to leave the room so that makes for a long day! Thank goodness for the Child Life Specialist who brought in a play mat, toys, and a calming sensory light/water/bubble machine (I have no idea what they’re called but there’s a picture below). Within two minutes of turning on this machine Bronson was laying down with his blanket and soother falling asleep.

His blood work has been pretty good with the exception of his WBC being a little high and his hemoglobin a little low. Bronson received a bolus of fluid last night and since then he’s been eating, drinking, and back to himself so dehydration was a bit of the problem.

I was told that he would have to stay a minimum of 48 hours until all of the blood cultures come back (we had them done Thursday morning). Hopefully they’re negative and he’ll be able to go home tomorrow!

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