Sick Kids Ad Campaign, "Together We Will"

In September I wrote a post about the photo and commercial shoot we were involved in for Sick Kids and we’ve been waiting to see it. Well, last Thursday we were invited to the unveiling of the new Sick Kids Foundation ad campaign, “Together We Will”, and got a sneak peak of some of the print ads and the commercial.
All of these were taken on my iPhone so they aren’t the best quality. I really regret not taking pictures of all of the other ads because they all looked great. 
There are about 10 print ads (like the above) and as of November 12/12 they will be able to be seen at Dundas station, in bus shelters, and I believe in some malls. In one of the subways there will be a mural of a five year old boy, Hunter, with leukemia and all of his doctors and nurses who were involved in his care. The tagline for his ad says, “Together We Will…no matter how many of us it takes”. 
Every child involved is a patient at Sick Kids and has a heart touching story. There will be a website up with a story about each child but it won’t be up until November 12. I will post it when it’s up and running, 
The commercial is also very touching and a lot of people at the viewing had a tear in their eye. 
There is a 60 second version of the commercial that will be launching on conventional and specialty networks. It will also be able to be seen at six select Cineplex Odeon’s in Toronto. There is also a 30 second, and four 10 second versions of the commercial. Jon and Bronson are at the end of the 60 second version with Jon sitting in the rocking chair holding Bronson. I believe he’s also in the 30 second and possibly one of the 10 second ones. 
Keep your eyes out for all the ads in the next 2 weeks! 

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