Hello, It’s Me!


Hello again. It’s been too long. The last time I posted a third baby wasn’t even a thought in our heads and now she’s almost two years old! Eeek! There is so much to catch up on! How about I give you an update on our lives right now? Ok, here we go…

march-8-2015-kidsFirst, I guess I should introduce that third baby I already mentioned. Our daughter, Sawyer Elizabeth, was born in March 2015.  For the first year of her life she was the most laid back, easy going baby…until she turned one. Since then she’s given us a run for our money. She has a very big personality and knows what she wants, eats like it’s her job, beats up on her older brother and sister and usually makes them cry. Seriously, she makes them cry all the time. I guess with being the youngest she’s learned how to get everyones attention…and it works.


Bronson is now FIVE and a half years old and is in kindergarten. He loves Nascar racing and knows what each racer’s car looks like, their name, and number. He’s obsessed with speed. Like any good brother he has already mastered the art of teasing his sisters. Many of you  might be wondering how his health is (read the tab at top of the page, ‘Bronson’s story’, if you don’t know what I’m talking about) and I’m so thankful to be able to say he has continued to stay healthy. He hasn’t had any issues with liver rejection and all of his oncology and transplant appointments have been good! He’s only had one hospitalization in the past few years and that was last year when he had to have ear tubes put in. Just normal kid stuff, not even related to his crazy health history. Otherwise, there is nothing to report…. and it’s amazing to be able to say that.

Miss Kallie will be SEVEN in less than two months! I don’t know how that happened, time goes by way to fast. She is the most loving, caring, and thoughtful girl…although she really knows how to push Bronson’s buttons sometimes. She loves to sing, dress up, and draw. She and Bronson are like two peas in a pod. They do (almost) everything together. I guess since they’re only 14 months apart they’re kinda sorta (not really) like twins. They’re good friends who happen to be siblings.

Life is definitely busy with three kids. With both Jon and I working full time outside of the home and I’ve been working on building a home based busines… life is just plain crazy. But, I’m ok with crazy as long as everyone stays healthy. I know one day I’ll look back and wish for these younger days back 😉

I hope you check back regularly as I plan to be sharing more about motherhood, health & wellness, being an entrepreneur, and just plain old life. See you soon!

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