Take A Mom ‘Time-Out’

As a mom, life is busy. We work, take care of our family, and don’t forget that there is always something to wash, dry, fold, clean, organize, and rewash. It’s so easy to lose sight of who we really are.
I think motherhood is absolutely wonderful but it can also be a time where an identify crisis happens. We spend so much time making sure everyone else has what they need and put ourselves last. I know I’m not the only one who does this! I don’t mean to, it just happens.

I’m part of a group that’s going through a series by Monique McLean called, ’21 Days Of Prayer’, and one of the topics has been being uniquely you. It got me thinking about what I enjoy doing for me, not for my family. I thought it would be easy to come up with hobbies or activities but when I sat down to write out my list it turned out to be much harder. It made me realize that I need to spend more time on me. I know I might not be the exact same person I was seven years ago before I became a mom, and I may have new interests and think a little differently now (because, you know, responsibility), but I’m still me. After some time I finally came up with a list and I’ve made it a goal this year to make time to actually do them.

This also made me realize that maybe I need to take a mom ‘time-out’ every now and then. No, I don’t mean locking yourself in a room while your preschooler  destroys the house. Get your husband/partner/mom/friend to watch our kids and go out of the house by yourself! But, go out with the intention of doing something for you (not groceries… but kid free grocery shopping is always tempting!).

What’s something you enjoy doing? 

It doesn’t have to be something crazy, it can be something simple like going for a massage. Or, maybe you like doing crafts or shopping by yourself. Go set some time aside and book a babysitter now because booking someone can be the hardest part and can also turn into an easy excuse not to go. Go out and enjoy your feee time. It will make you happier which in turn will make your significant other happy (if you have one) and your kids happy.

It’s a win win for everyone!

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